About Us

We at mIRGGI are specialized in Symbian OS development, and we provide IRC (Internet Relay Chat) for phones running in Symbian OS, specifically for the S60 platform. An IRC is an application layer protocol which facilitates the communication in the form of text.

The S60 platform or user interface primarily runs on the Symbian OS. It was originally created by Nokia from the Symbian Ltd and shipped with the Nokia 7650 Smartphone.

That is, we provide you with the messaging service on various mobile platforms that work on Symbian OS.

We offer the following features of IRC – Nick list, nick completion, menu for most used commands, device specific keys, multiple IRC servers, backlight on arrival of messages, keepalive for the server connection, copy and paste with multiple lines, logging, URL catcher, SSL support, CTCP ping, client info, close leaves channel, translations to other languages, editable frequently used commands or phrases, Indicators for activity while using other apps.

As we are mostly dedicated towards the chatting apps used by people today, we offer the required services in order to be installed in your Symbian devices, so as to facilitate messaging services in your phones.

Our Aim

We focus on giving you benefit from IRC in myriad ways. IRC is not a centralized feature. Therefore, not any single entity is controlling it, so anyone can use it as per their discretion. We aim to ensure the proper security of a device used by the users. The platform for group chats is also very much safeguarded to promote real-time chatting with up to 100 users at a time. IRC aims to provide opportunities to meet with new people from all over the world on a common platform without having to think about the privacy of your own. Thus, it promotes the freedom to be you and use the chatting service in a very convenient manner.

All its paradigms are very robust and offer a lifetime security feature.

Our Blogs

Additionally, our website also has a blog section, wherein, our blogs will provide you with a lot of information regarding the basics of the Symbian OS and its origination. The blogs talk about how the Symbian was initially launched in the market through the Nokia phone in the early 90s. The blogs also present the hierarchy of how gradually, various updated versions of the Symbian OS started coming up in the market. And it also mentions that Nokia had been a constant user of Symbian all through the years.

However, as in the mid-2000s, the iOS came up and turned the market towards itself, people shifted their focus from the Symbian family. The blogs also mention that slowly after, Android also made its way. Nevertheless, Symbian kept holding the ground until in the late 2000s, when Nokia was bought by Microsoft. Nokia Pure View 808 was the last Symbian phone launched by Nokia and the details about it are given in the blogs of our website.

Later, newer versions of Windows OS phones started being launched. Soon after, these OS also encountered several flaws and thus resulting in their downfall. Later again in 2017, Nokia came up with the Nokia 3310 in a brand-new avatar, with the same Symbian OS. The specifications of this phone are vividly sited in one of our blogs for your convenience.

Although it is very difficult to say whether the Symbian will make a comeback or not, it seems blurred considering the fact that many another high-end Operating Systems have already taken up the market trend with their most efficient features.

Therefore, it can be concluded that apart from being a tribute website to the Symbian OS, our website is also full of information regarding the same under the same roof. We are a team of some efficient software developers who are highly skilled in specific areas and thus we like to work without compromising on anything as a team, in order to provide the best services to you.