Communication Apps That Have Dominated The Market

Over two thousand freeware themes, games and apps for the third and fifth edition of Symbian s60 have been keeping the Nokia users satisfied for long. But, that was in past. Technology is fast evolving and so are the operating systems. With Android OS now dominating the market, keeping up with the users’ requirement and satisfaction quotient has been daunting for mIRGGI project. mIRGGI has been the initial IRC Client in those third edition devices like Nokia 3250, Nokia N73, Nokia E61 ETC. Mobile email and wireless tools in Nokia mobiles have long been subdued by the numerous communication tools offered by Android and IOS.

Alternative Communicative Apps For Android And iPhone

The following apps are all from free or open source license and act as great mIRGGI alternatives. Learn about how iOS challenged the Symbian OS.


Compatible for not only Android but also desktop and iPhone, IRCCloud as the name suggests, is a promising IRC Client that lets users stay connected to other users, read offline logs without missing a message. The best part is here you can enjoy group chat instead of wasting time in individual mails or in-person meetings. You will get notified for each important message and it will also keep you synced with all the devices. Talking in private channels while being organized is also a great advantage.


Yaaic stands for Yet Another Android IRC Client for open-source Android clients. You can download it easily from Google Play Store. This Internet Relay Chat alternative will let you sync with popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.

Atomic IRC

Tailor-made for the new age tech-savvy people, Atomic IRC is compatible with both Android mobile and tablets. As a successor of Yaaic with improved features, Atomic IRC has support for SSL and bouncers. It has been working since the introduction of Gingerbread and offers great customization support. The new developments include improved graphic support, perfectly managed infrastructure for settings, extensive color schemes, support for both high-end and low-end devices and reliability on the Android base frameworks rather than reinventing wheel from time to time.


Another IRC client compatible with Android tablet and mobiles, HoloIRC is a small sized, easily usable and efficient app that has intuitive interface. With support for normal servers, the app has features like user list with levels, easy settings of dark and light theme, notification settings and logging features like options for restoring chat history on external storage for viewing later.

New-Age Alternatives For Communication

If the above-mentioned communication tools seem too easy or straight-forward, the following apps will definitely be useful for those who are looking for more features –

WhatsApp Messenger

Undoubtedly the most popular chatting app these days, WhatsApp is compatible with not only Android smartphones, tablets, iPhone and Windows Phone but also Windows or Mac PC. Chatting is never so reliable, safe and easy than on WhatsApp where you can share images, videos, voice notes and various other files to individual user or on groups or as broadcast message. With the introduction of WhatsApp video and audio calls, communication has been more personal. The built-in chat encryption and backup facility and story sharing like Instagram are the added bonanzas.

Facebook Messenger

There are hardly people these days who don’t have a Facebook account and those who have, the Facebook Messenger is offered to them for free. You can use the in-built messenger or install the more convenient Messenger app that is also offered as a Lite version of small size. Like Instagram and WhatsApp, you can share stories (picture or videos) here, chat with individuals or groups or call them, send audio, video and image files and change themes.


Supposedly the oldest and most popular video calling app, Skype was first introduced as desktop version but soon it dominated the market with the mobile and tablet compatible app version. Skype calls and messaging are easy and you can also send voice messages, pictures, videos or even picture albums. However, the best bet is the video calling facility with which you can talk for hours with individuals and groups.

Apart from the above-mentioned apps, there are also apps like Line, Snapchat, Google Duo etc. which are getting popular as communication apps.