Any Hope For The Return Of This Operating System

Any Hope For The Return Of This Operating System

The Symbian operating system had been surging in the market for a prolonged period of time and Nokia had been its consistent partner. But due to the inconvenience, the dominance of this operating system led to its downfall after 2010, with very fewer smart phones being manufactured.

With the advent of iOS and Android and their amazing features, it is very difficult to assess whether the OS will make a return to the market or not in the future. Reasons like the software programming and structure coding which was done with Symbian C++ and did not involve the standard C++ caused the downfall of this Operating System. Check out the Symbian OS in comparison with Android OS.

Requirements For Symbian To Make A Comeback

For the Symbian operating system to come back in this competitive market, where Android has become a household name, it will be quite a tedious job in order to deal with the competition. Firstly, it will have to eradicate the prior discrepancies that were associated with it during the initial launch of Symbian.

Nokia was the prominent user of Symbian OS since its inception; therefore, even later Nokia is likely to return with the same. And in 2017, Nokia actually did so. It came up with a new version of Symbian in a complete model of Nokia 3310.

This phone has a totally new iconic overall look in its newer version, with a better user interface than the older one. The newest addition to this is the 2mp camera and a long-lasting battery usage.

Therefore, it seems like Symbian is coming back to the market, however, it will be difficult for it to capture the same as it did before. Surely, it is one of the dominant OS in the market, but getting a hold of the market is somewhat seems hazy in the near future.

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