How The mIRGGI Helped IRC To Chat Through Nokia Phones

How The mIRGGI Helped IRC To Chat Through Nokia Phones

As the 1st IRC Client of 3rd edition Nokia S60 devices as well as for Linux and Windows devices, the mIRGGI has been a boon to communication on Nokia models. Various devices namely Nokia 3250, 5500, E50, E60, E61, E70, N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93 and N95 has been using the service for instant chatting since its launching in the year 2007. However, in the recent years, there has been a number of chatting apps to bring people together. Learn more about communication apps dominating the market. Still, as a predecessor, the mIRGGI has ruled the market for quite some time, thanks to its easy features.

Functionality Of mIRGGI

Nokia users have always been benefitted by the following functionality features –

  • Connection with one server
  • Ability to join channel
  • Private chatting facility ensured by query windows
  • 10k per channel or query backlog
  • Numpad available to jump to desired window
  • Ident daemon available
  • Can use T9
  • UTF-8 decoding can be used
  • The font looks good and the size is small.
  • Implementation of the generally needed commands
  • Does not require much memory
  • There is no unnecessary skin, theme, video playback and scripts
  • On connecting, auto query and auto join settings are available


Nokia phones until the launch of smartphones during 2010, have been dominating the markets with simplistic features. It can be said beyond any doubt that the easy messaging features were appealing to all age groups, something which the smartphones failed to do in the initial years. Even in this developing age when life seems almost indispensable without smartphones, Nokia still keeps up its usability quotient among the niche users.

With the introduction of WirelessIRC, the mIRGEE found its truest partner cum competitor which was also a native IRC client for the Nokia phone of S60 third edition. The advantage of WirelessIRC over mIRGEE was the support for Bonjour Local Chat and Twitter which was slowly becoming popular among the wider audience base. Chatting with thousands of acquaintances on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and talking over local WLAN with the Bonjour Local Chat is possible. At the same time, you can also post your tweet on Twitter as well as follow people as it collects, auto posts and saves all the selective URLs on account.

The user will be connected to any IRC network any time with WirelessIRC, something which mIRGEE failed to do. Keeping in touch with people while you are on move, will be viable at any point of time. URLs are automatically acquired and saved for copying and pasting. With a semitransparent window, you can keep track of the various chatting or conversations while keeping a log of all the sent and received messages in your phone memory or external memory. Uploading log files and saving those chats which are important are also possible. Although mIRGEE has been the predecessor of the communication apps, the newer additions have been quite user-friendly.

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